Excited for the merger, Jacob Lopez and Paolo Personeni speak to G3

Sportradar and Optima excited for the future of sports betting services following merger

In October it was announced Sportradar had acquired the sports betting and gaming omnichannel platform. Optima as the sports data and content provider sought to become a full service B2B data, betting, trading and player management platform business. G3 spoke to Paolo Personeni, Managing Director MTS at Sportradar, and Jacob Lopez, Chief Executive Officer at Optima, on Betradar’s stand at ICE to discuss the merger. We began by asking for a status update on how the integration is progressing.

Paolo: The integration is progressing to plan. Following our announcement of the acquisition in October, it was closed shortly afterwards. There are numerous and evident product synergies between the two companies and it really is the perfect fit in terms of a fully integrated and e-gaming operators around the world.

There is a fully planned integration that was designed before the acquisition was agreed which protects and safeguards the product and services currently delivered to the existing customers. Protecting our customer base is something we will always look to achieve. We will continue to offer them the products and services they receive and, ideally entice them with new products and services as well.

Jacob: the integration is expected to happen through a number of iterations and processes. We are very pleased, and, as Paolo mentioned, our interest is to make sure all the customers that are supplied by Optima do not see an effect as they are fundamental to our organisation. I have been very impressed with how the teams are interacting and how everybody is pulling together on a common proposal and ambition.

What was the rationale behind the acquisition?

Jacob: We were approached by a number of organisations and when the proposition from Sportradar came, we were in a situation where we were looking at other merging with three interested organisations or buying another organisation to provide feed and trading services from Optima. We had looked at the market strategically and saw we needed additional turnkey solutions for our operators. The combination of Sportradar and Optima is unique in its coverage and quality of service. I anticipate us having impact on the market in the coming months and years ahead. We go into all the regulated markets so that in any emerging market Sportradar is going to have a platform presence ahead of time. This is already happening in markets such as the United States and those going to come onboard very soon.

Paolo: After long and careful consideration, we decided to enter into the partnership to have a complete portfolio of a full service B2B data, betting, trading, and player management platform business. Offering a complete solution is something we have considered since we entered into the trading services market. We undertook a thorough analysis before our proposition to Optima and saw them as the best platform in the market.

We also believe that our combined offering not only provides central key services but also the scope for innovation with data controlling all the components. We can drive the roadmap of what we want for the future across our entire portfolio.

Looking to the future, what is the roadmap going forwards?

Paolo: there are several things we are getting in place right now. First and foremost, as with any merger, we are focusing on processing the gradual integration of our two organisations. Investment will be key as the product has huge potential. It is already one of the best in the market and in two years will be the best by far. The technological capabilities we now possess will result in better services as it is not just investment in an asset but also a wat to develop and deliver more services.

Jacob: I think that the next two years are going to involve a lot of work increasing resources and developing our integration with the rest of Sportradar’s products. In two years, I would like to see ourselves fully integrated and first to market with Sportradar’s products through our platform A continuous stream of innovation that can only benefit operators.

Source: G3 Newswire